painting the ordinary surrounded by space

painting the ordinary surrounded by space

Fast, bright, clear images on screens shape our daily life – the exact contrast to what Janine Seelen’s art introduces us to.

By painting the ordinary surrounded by space she composes an invitation to pause and feel the serenity of the momentum that is captured and recreated on paper.

The viewer gets pulled into a state of discovering the wonderous in the ordinary.

Stills and scenes, captured in gloaming light, reproduced on large paper and canvases come to life through multi-layered manual work. Photographs are being transformed into oil stick and soft pastels on paper, become structured, tangible and transport the space around the image in a breathtaking intensity.

Like smells and sounds, space encapsulates a feeling, a memory – non-graspable, impossible to name, but familiar. Through the enlarged dimensions the viewer gets to fully immerse themselves into this undiscovered familiarity.

The awareness of this space is again reinforced through the heightened suspense of morning hours and twilight in which Seelen precisely conceptualizes her motifs.